Sydney – Newington Armory

Sydney’s Newington Armory is a historical war site that is now a part of the Sydney Olympic Park Complex. It was originally used as a bomb storage facility and ship loading capabilities for HMAS ships into Sydney.

Newington Armory Map

The Armory Disc Golf course was established in 2006 and has been Sydney’s primary permanent course ever since. Originally there were 9 baskets, however in 2014 it was upgraded to 18 permanent baskets.

Access to the Armory is limited as it is only open to the Public on weekends and school holidays. To find the Disc Golf park there is a short walk from the front gates up the main walkway where you will encounter the tee for hole 1 on your right, as per the map above.


There is also a very large children’s play area just outside the Amory that means parking is hard to come by. Multiple types of Public transport are available, for more info check out:

Contacting the Sydney disc golf club can enable to you get easier access to the park on weekends and sometimes also access the park during the week. They also meet once a month for their regular league days, which occur on the third Sunday of the month. Leagues are handicapped, meaning it caters to all skill levels and everyone has a chance of winning.

To contact the club, go to the contact us page and select Sydney, or visit the Sydney Disc Golf Club Facebook page.

blue-mail-icon-300x300To contact the club, go to the contact us page and select Sydney.



Sydney Disc Golf Facebook page is where updated events are posted, as well as anyone looking for a local to help show them around.