A Brief Overview of the Mosquito Aerial Application Program at the Armory
Sydney Olympic Park, like a number of other areas along the Parramatta River,
contains extensive wetland and saltmarsh areas, which are natural breeding habitats
for saltwater mosquitoes.
Saltwater mosquitoes (Aedes vigilax) can particularly reach nuisance levels each
year during their breeding season, which takes place in the warmer months (October
through April).
Sydney Olympic Park Authority in collaboration with scientists from the Sydney
University Department of Medical Entomology implements a proactive and extensive
mosquito management program aimed to reduce pest mosquitoes on lands under its
care, to improve comfort levels for people living, visiting and working in the area.
The current mosquito management program undertaken by the Authority involves
aerial and ground control spraying activities (with a bacterial larvicide containing
Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis; also known as Bti). Spraying activities take place in
the mangrove forest and saltmarsh areas of the parklands at Sydney Olympic Park.
The larvicide used in the control program is considered safe to people, pets, other
fauna and the environment.
Based on predicted tide data, temperature and stage of mosquito larval
development, mosquito aerial treatment is expected to take place on Newington
Nature Reserve Wetland between 6.30am – 9.30am during the summer months. The
map below shows the Spray Area and the Aircraft Landing/Flying Zones. Depending
on weather conditions, the aerial application, on rare occasions, may take place at
other times of the day.
For public safety reason while the aircraft would be landing, taking off/on for refilling,
the marked area needs to be free from people. As soon as the treatment is
completed and the aircraft leaves the site, access is allowed.
Email notifications are sent out 24hrs prior to treatment and also immediately after
the treatment, which include the stakeholders/tenants at the Armory.
For further details about the Authority’s Mosquito Management Program, contact Dr Swapan Paul on 97147412 or Email:
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