What We Do

NSW Disc Golf was setup to be a central location for all aspects of Disc Golf in New South Wales.

As more courses are installed throughout the state, there are more people from various clubs and community groups wanting to be involved in the sport. NSW Disc golf provides a central communication point and shared resources to help promote the sport in the state. This along with a structure of people who have extensive experience in all matters of Disc Golf.

NSW Disc Golf is able to assist in running and promoting Disc Golf activities with any group or individuals.

Some of the activities we can provide:

  • Run Disc Golf Clinics in schools and community groups
  • Run top quality competitive events in areas that may not have previous Disc Golf exposure
  • Provide a consistent approach and structure to running Disc Golf clubs in NSW
  • Have equipment to run popup courses and tournaments
  • Links into suppliers of Disc Golf equipment, both local and overseas at competitive rates.
  • Coaching clinics for existing leagues and clubs
  • Design and Install new Disc Golf courses

If you want to engage the NSW crew for any of the above, please head on over to the contact us page.