ADGC Hole Descriptions Old

Hole # Par Dist Description
1 4 160 Starting slightly high on the hill, with a mando tree on the right protecting HQ and other picnic area. OB: Water on left, wooden fence behind the pin and marked area between the path and OB flags.
2 4 208 Longest Drive Hole, includes rollers. Wide open hole with OB area on right (imagine a lake). A few trees at about 150m with both hyzer/anhyzer routes to pin. OB: Marked area on right, path and beyond on left, road and beyond far past the pin.
3 3 56 Mandatory Spotter required. Short hole over the road, Island OB rules from the tee. If OB off drive go to drop zone. OB from DZ is point of entry. OB is marked by concrete, road and outside line of wooden fence.
4 4 193 Mandatory Spotter for both road and where discs might land OB. OB right with road and beyond, OB left with water.
5 3 63 Pin out towards the water, near pin is significant amount of rock ledge however discs will skip into water if you’re not careful. Watch for foot traffic around the point.
6 4 151 Narrow fairway with OB right marked by fence edge, and OB left with path and concreted area. Also OB driveway runs across the hole at about 95m.
7 4 159 Mandatory on nearest large tree, disc must travel left of tree. OB with road and path and beyond. Also the lake OB may come into play if you overshoot on approach. Net between 2 trees making an obstacle for those trying to get there on RHBH hyzer line
8 3 89 OB behind the pin on road, OB inside metal fence. Man made obstacle around the pin.
9 4 122 Long narrow hole, OB in water and far left with path and beyond. Stay on fairway and you’ll be fine. Brambles might be an issue in middle obstacle
10 3 116 Multiple options to get to pin, albeit narrow and gaurded. OB path on right and beyond, and fence to left and behind pin.
11 5 243 Very long and wooded par 5. OB right with water, OB left with path and beyond. Fairway narrows as it gets closer to pin, watch for foot traffic and picnicers near the pin.
12 3 85 OB far left with path, possible brambles if you overshoot.
13 3 70 Short uphill hole, CTP. OB right with road marked by fence. OB left with small carpark, marked by steel pylons.
14 4 158 Elevated Tee, OB left with water, OB right with carpark marked by fence. Be careful on appoach head too far left its easy to lose a disc, and possiblly get wet. Hole 11 takes priority if crossing the fairway
15 3 97 Two options, tunnel throw or the wide RHBH hyzer. Check the picnic table, if in use use a spotter. OB with water on left.
16 4 181 OB right with carpark, OB left in extreme cases with water. Path and beyond is also OB.
17 3 74 Watch for foot traffic on path. OB path and beyond.
18 4 122 Dogleg right, there is not really a path through the bush. OB marked by concrete and building on toilet block, bramble in bush on the left as you approach the pin.
Total 65 2347  


General OB

  • All paths, roads, fences and beyond are considered out of bounds. Unless you cross that object as part of the fairway.
  • There are 2 additional OB marked areas. Holes 1 and 2, these are marked by paint and flags.
  • The water in the lake is considered OB, other water on course will be considered casual water (only comes into play with rain)
  • Wooden bollards are often markers of OB. The absolute outer line of the bollard is considered the OB line.